Retirement Elevated Podcast with Sean Lee

Navigating To Safety: How Your Financial Plan Is Like A Lighthouse

August 1, 2019

Lighthouses are strong, beautiful, and protective towers, just like your financial plan should be. To weather the storms and avoid the potential financial obstacles, we’ll share how financial plans are similar to lighthouses, guiding you to safety.

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Today's rundown: 

1:55 - Is there a financial lesson to learn from lighthouses?

2:59 - Your financial plan provides safety from obstacles and risk. 

3:39 - Tax planning is one of your biggest obstacles to look out for.

6:05 - Envision a storm’s coming while on a boat and you can’t see where you’re going, but off in the distance you see a lighthouse, a beacon of safety.

8:11 - It’s not the ships (your tools) that get you to the right place, it’s the lighthouse (clearly defined financial plan).