Retirement Elevated Podcast with Sean Lee

Navigating These Decision-Making Roadblocks

What trips people up when they try to make financial decisions? We talk through financial roadblocks and how to avoid them on today’s show.


Key topics on this show: 

1:28 - There are a lot of decisions to make.

3:26 - We do some research.  

6:55 - The financial industry can be full of jargon and confusion.

7:44 - Talking about money may seem taboo.

10:18 - Big life events can make it hard to think clearly.


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Stuff Dads Say and Do

What do dads do that make us laugh or roll our eyes? What’s the equivalent in the financial world? Find out on today’s show!


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Key points: 

0:35 - The summer heat has hit.

1:36 - If you get hurt, do you need to amputate? 

5:27 - Dads use their strength to take one trip with all the grocery bags.

8:51 - Is dad always on the lookout for the best parking spot?   

Doing Research Before Financial Decisions

Do you ever feel bogged down by all the research before making a big decision? When is research helpful and when is it too much?


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Key points: 

1:16 - Many do more research for a vacation than retirement.

2:17 - What kind of resources does Sean like?

4:34 - Does Sean ever hear, “I read on the internet that…”?

7:45 - Are you overanalyzing the research?

9:26 - What’s good about doing research?

Retirement Pain Points

We all want to be able to enjoy peace of mind in our retirement but there are some common pain points that we all have to work through. Let’s look at the areas of retirement planning that can cause you the most worry if you haven’t done the proper planning.


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Key points: 

1:46 – Fear of running out of money

2:54 – Replacing that paycheck

4:36 – Managing taxes

6:02 – Dealing with a long-term care event

8:29 – Anxiety around the next market crash

Asking the Wrong Questions

How do you get the financial answers you need? Start with the right questions! We discuss what kinds of things you should be asking in order to work toward your financial goals.


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What we discuss in this episode: 

0:34 - Baseball is back!

2:33 - How much money do I need to save?

5:28 - How can I get the highest rate of return?

7:47 - How can I pay the lowest fees to an advisor?

10:14 - What should you do about long-term care?

Planning During High Anxiety Times

Are you feeling a bit anxious about your financial situation every time you read or watch the news? Sean talks through current events and what kind of economic impact they could have.


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What we discuss in this episode: 

0:13 - What is happening at the tank?

1:48 - What is happening with Ukraine?

3:43 - How will this volatility impact us?

6:21 - Are we headed into a recession?

9:00 - What should we do about market volatility?



Hidden Expenses

What kind of fees or expenses are you overlooking? We talk through common areas where costs sneak up.  


What we discuss: 

0:32 - Youth baseball season is back!

1:46 - Mutual fund expenses can be hard to find.

3:11 - Variable annuities are notorious for hidden fees.   

5:40 - Inflation is back with a vengeance.

8:18 - Tax increases will impact us.

10:06 - People are ready to spend on leisure.


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ALERT: Special Market Update

How are geopolitical events impacting the market? What is being reported on and what is not? On today’s special market update show, Michael Sorrentino, CIO of Elevated Capital Advisors, discusses these topics and more.


What we discuss: 

0:55 – Let’s talk through this

1:55 – Catalysts for volatility

5:33 – What’s not being reported

11:06 – The shift that’s occurring now

13:28 – Geopolitical pressures with Russia

15:24 – Rising interest rates

18:15 – How does this impact spending?

20:11 – Starting early and going slow

23:01 – Adjustments based on fundamentals

23:49 – What are we not going to do?

26:34 – The economy is strong


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The Financial Planning Process

What can you expect when going through the planning process when working with a financial advisor? Sean explains the process at Elevated Retirement Group and how it helps his clients reach their financial goals.


What we discuss: 

0:30 - How do we feel about this year’s Super Bowl?

1:33 - What signs show an advisor is overly focused on selling?

2:35 - What information are they gathering about you?

2:54 - Are they pointing out the good and the bad?

3:41 - What’s the process at Retirement Elevated?

5:40 - What improvements have Sean made in the planning process?

6:58 - What advice would Sean give his former self?

8:42 - Is there something unique about the experience working with Retirement Elevated?


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The Things You Can Control (And The Things You Can’t)

There’s a whole lot of life we can’t control, but let’s focus instead on what you can control. Regardless of what the future may bring, you still can take control and strategize as best as possible now.


What we discuss: 

1:19 - Can’t control the market.

4:49 - Can’t control how long you’re going to live.

6:40 - Taxes are inevitable.

8:47 - Is Social Security a part of your future?


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