Retirement Elevated Podcast with Sean Lee

Baseball and Financial Planning with John Buck

July 2, 2020

What do baseball and financial planning have in common? In addition to Sean’s love for both, you may find that the mindset is often similar. On today’s show we get to talk with John Buck to hear how his experience as a player relates to financial planning.

Show Notes, Resources & Contact Info:


0:34 - John Buck joins the podcast today and shares about his time playing baseball.

6:06 - What is John up to now?

11:39 - What is your game plan or blueprint for success?

15:55 - Game prep for the next game before you get there.

18:29 - Adjustments sometimes have to be made.

20:20 - What is coming up?

22:14 - Your goal is to prepare for what is to come.

24:41 - Your decisions in the end can make the biggest difference.

26:29 - Why is your mental state key to winning?

35:22 - How is John helping the community?