Retirement Elevated Podcast with Sean Lee

ALERT: Special Market Update

February 24, 2022

How are geopolitical events impacting the market? What is being reported on and what is not? On today’s special market update show, Michael Sorrentino, CIO of Elevated Capital Advisors, discusses these topics and more.


What we discuss: 

0:55 – Let’s talk through this

1:55 – Catalysts for volatility

5:33 – What’s not being reported

11:06 – The shift that’s occurring now

13:28 – Geopolitical pressures with Russia

15:24 – Rising interest rates

18:15 – How does this impact spending?

20:11 – Starting early and going slow

23:01 – Adjustments based on fundamentals

23:49 – What are we not going to do?

26:34 – The economy is strong


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