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Talking with Matt Zagula about SMART Retirement and Taxation

What do tax rates have to do with your financial plan? How do you strategically think through your assets and your financial plan? Matt Zagula shares information from his book to use as a resource when considering what you can do now, ahead of an unknown future.


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On today's show: 

0:29 - Introducing today’s guest author, Matt Zagula.

1:10 - What inspired the book, SMART Retirement?

2:39 - Why did a medical doctor write the book’s foreword?

4:22 - Where are our tax rates going and why?

6:38 - What is the process of planning?

7:23 - Are you going to an old way of thinking or adjust to how the world is changing?

8:41 - What are the two dates listed in the book? 

11:46 - What kind of taxes do you need to consider for the future?

13:48 - What is fuzzy financial math you need to look out for?

17:50 - What is SMART?

5 Easy Ways to Ruin Your Retirement

Using baseball analogies, Sean Lee *walks* you through some of the most common retirement pitfalls and how you can avoid them as you round the bases of life.


Read more and get additional financial resources here: 


On today's show: 

1:12 – Retirement planning is more mental than dollars and cents

2:27 – Treating retirement like a destination rather than a new phase of your life

3:30 – Managing retirement changes as you age

5:23 – Retirement won’t solve all your problems

9:37 – Making assumptions about your monthly spending habits

11:29 – Being active can be just as important in retirement

14:36 – Are you still investing like you’re 25?

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